Ask Dr Amy - Sexual Dysfunction Is Common, So What Can We Do About It?

Difficulties and worries about sex have been a common theme in questions to Ask Dr Amy. Today, we are going to talk about those concerns and where to go to for help if you need...
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Ask Dr Amy - Let’s Talk About Sexpectations

For people having sex, orgasms can be, but not always, a peak point of satisfaction. Yet like all exciting things, they don’t always come easy. For example have you ever caught yourself mid-sexual encounter, thinking:...
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Ask Dr Amy - Having Sex for the First Time

Having sex for the first time usually doesn’t look like the sex in movies (or porn for that matter). People often get caught up in the ‘sexpectations’ and it may not be anything like the...
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Updated Implanon NXT Procedures Statement

The contraceptive implant (Implanon NXT) is one of the most effective contraceptives available. Along with the hormonal and copper IUDs, it is classified as Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) which are recommended as first-line options...
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Ask Dr Amy - Sex During COVID-19

Have you ever had a question about sex or relationships but were too embarrassed to ask? You know, those questions about certain discharges, weird things that happen in the middle of a sexual encounter, that...
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Self-testing kits for HIV now available in Australia

According to Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (AFAO) it’s estimated that 28,180 people were living with HIV and 2,690 people were unaware they were HIV positive at the end of 2018. To support detection rates...
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