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SHINE SA provides a range of services to support schools to implement a whole school approach to relationships and sexual health education.

In South Australia, SHINE SA has a Memorandum of Operational Collaboration with the Department for Education to support schools in this area.

This support increases the confidence and capacity of teachers, counsellors and support staff to facilitate a consistent and comprehensive relationships and sexual health education program in line with Principles of Best Practice. The program will enable students to develop the skills to establish respectful, positive relationships and feel comfortable to access services.

SHINE SA offers curricula, professional development, resources, and personnel support.

SHINE SA’s support for schools is informed by current research and statistics in the area of relationships, sexual health and wellbeing of young people. Every year we produce a Student Feedback Snapshot Report summarising data collected from over 4000 students who participated in relationships and sexual health lessons at their school.

For more information download Support for schools.

Download flyer: Relationships and Sexual Health Education 2020 Courses for School Based Educators 


SHINE SA has developed a comprehensive Years 5-7 relationships and sexual health curriculum and associated resources which are age and developmentally appropriate.

This curriculum is mapped to the Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education and Department for Education Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum.

Teacher training courses explore what makes an effective program for students, current thinking about best practice in relationships and sexual health education, and classroom strategies for teachers of students in Years 5-7.

For more information see Primary years.

SHINE SA’s Years 8–10 comprehensive relationships and sexual health curriculum is reviewed annually with reference to teacher and student feedback, and emerging issues.

The curriculum is mapped to Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education and Department for Education Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum.

Teacher training courses explore what makes an effective program in the secondary years including content, teaching methods, practical demonstration of classroom activities and a range of resources.

Department for Education schools with a secondary component are eligible for support through the Focus Schools Program.

For more information see Secondary years.

SHINE SA provides professional development, curriculum outlines and resources to support teachers and support staff who work with young people with a disability. For more information see Relationships and Sexual Health Education for Students with a Disability.

SHINE SA’s courses for teachers, although centred on curriculum delivery, also provides knowledge and strategies to address relationships and sexual health issues with young people which would be of interest for school counsellors.

The Pregnancy Choices Training is also available to school counsellors and explains all options available to women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.

SHINE SA’s counsellors are available to talk to school counsellors and workers if they have a query or are unsure where to refer a student. See Counselling.

Additional support and information is provided via the Sexual Healthline.

The Aboriginal Focus Schools Program aims to increase the capacity of principals, teachers, Anangu Education Workers, Aboriginal Community Education Officers, parents and school communities in targeted schools to promote and improve the relationships and sexual health literacy and wellbeing of school students in Years 5-10. This is achieved through age and culturally appropriate curriculum, resources and professional development.

For more information on how SHINE SA endeavours to foster a safe and inclusive environment for Aboriginal people to access relationships and sexual health services see Aboriginal Communities.

SHINE SA provides an extensive library containing information relevant for parents of children of various ages and abilities. Counselling support is available for individuals or as a couple and for referrals. Support for schools to host a parent information evening is also offered.

For more information see Parents.

The HYPE (Healthy Young Parents in Education) Journal is a resource SHINE SA has produced for young women who become pregnant while they are still at school.  It’s their personal guide through pregnancy and the first 12 months of their baby’s life.

The HYPE journal can be used in conjunction with flexible SACE subjects as a tool to help young mums achieve SACE credits.

For more information see Healthy Young Parents in Education (HYPE).

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An extensive library with free membership is available to all South Australians. SHINE SA’s Resource Centre features a selection of DVDs and activities for teaching relationships and sexual health education and is available to schools for an annual membership fee. Most resources can be supplied via the Department for Education courier system.

For more information see Library and Resource Centre.

SHINE SA’s support for schools is informed by current research and statistics.

See Sexual health statistics for state and national statistics on young people’s sexual health, experiences of homophobia and alcohol use.

The findings of Stage 1 of the Engaging Young People in Sexuality Education (EYPSE) research project explore young people’s views on sexuality and relationships education.

Our Voices: Student designed activities for sexuality and relationships education (EYPSE Project)

For more information see Research and Statistics.

SASHA is a current awareness service with news and views on various aspects of sexual health and sexuality, from a wide range of sources. These range from credible sources of sexual health and related information, to relevant opinion pieces in the media. Of particular interest to school staff may be the category Sex & relationships education. You can visit the site here: SASHA: SA Sexual Health Awareness Service.

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