Research & Statistics

SHINE SA’s support for schools is informed by current research and statistics in the area of relationships, sexual health and wellbeing of young people.

Sexual health statistics: State and national statistics on young people’s sexual health, experiences of homophobia and alcohol use.

Every year, students tell us what they think of the Relationships & Sexual Health curriculum as delivered by their school. The Student Feedback Snapshot Report summarises data collected from over 4000 students who participated in relationships and sexual health lessons at their school.

The share (sexual health and relationships education) project was an innovative South Australian program that aimed to improve the sexual health, wellbeing and safety of young people in secondary schools. For a summary of the evaluations, achievements and challenges see share Project (2003-2005).

An Evaluation of the Sexual Health and Relationships Education (share) project 2003 – 2005

Final Research Report. An evaluation of the trial implementation of the Sexual Health and Relationships Education (share) program 2003-2005

Engaging Young People in Sexuality Education – Stage 1 research report (2016). Findings from an online survey of over 2,000 students about their views on school-based sexuality and relationships education and ways in which sexuality and relationships education can be improved.

Our Voices: Student designed activities for sexuality and relationships education (EYPSE Project)

Factors for success in conducting effective sexual health and relationships education with young people in schools: a literature review

A report produced by UniSA in 2012 They need to know…. A report on teachers’ use of the South Australian Relationships and Sexual Health Curriculum

5th National Survey of Australian Secondary Students and Sexual Health 2013. Author(s): Anne Mitchell, Kent Patrick, Wendy Heywood, Pamela Blackman, Marian K Pitts. Full report see National Survey of Australian Secondary Students and Sexual Health 2013   (PDF File 487.6 KB)

Writing themselves in 3: The third national study on the sexual health and wellbeing of same sex attracted and gender questioning young people (released in 2010) Author(s): Lynne Hillier, Tiffany Jones, Marisa Monagle, Naomi Overton, Luke Gahan, Jennifer Blackman, Anne Mitchell. Writing Themselves in 3   (PDF File 2.9 MB)

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