Relationships & Sexual Health Education for Secondary Years

SHINE SA’s Years 8-10 comprehensive relationships and sexual health curriculum is reviewed annually with reference to teacher and student feedback, and emerging issues. The curriculum is mapped to Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education and Department for Education Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum.

SHINE SA can support your school with professional development, curriculum, resources, advice and advocacy to deliver a comprehensive and up-to-date relationships and sexual health education program.

Department for Education schools with a secondary component are eligible for support through the Focus Schools Program.

Teacher training courses explore what makes an effective program in the secondary years including content, teaching methods, practical demonstration of classroom activities and a range of resources.

The comprehensive Curriculum covers topics such as puberty; sexuality; diversity; relationship; sexual activity & consent; gender, power & stereotypes; media and use of latest technology; safer sex, contraception & sexually transmitted infections; communication & decision making; places to go for help and support.

The Years 8 to 10 curriculum is reviewed annually, responding to emerging issues and informed by teacher and student feedback. It has also been mapped to the Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education and Department for Education Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum.

Training with SHINE SA explores:

  • what makes a comprehensive relationships and sexual health program, including content and teaching methods according to Principles of best practice
  • up-to-date sexual health information and statistics
  • a range of resources and curriculum outline
  • practical demonstration of classroom activities

The course is aimed at secondary years’ teachers; however, all interested people are welcome to attend.

Participants will receive a certificate of achievement and recognition of training and development hours with reference to relevant Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

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A range of pamphlets, cards and other resources can be found in our Online Shop.

Tell it like it is: A resource for young people about exploring the realities of life, love, relationships and sex.

Talk it like it is: A guide for parents communicating with their children about life, love, relationships and sex.

Friendships and dating: Information about relationships for parents, carers and young people with a disability.

Sexual & Gender Diversity Posters: Set of three


Access to a wide range of teaching resources and information is available.

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Dedicated support for individual schools is available providing all components listed above. Click here for more information.

The following testimonial is from Westminster School (R-12 Uniting Church School, South Australia).

“Westminster’s partnership with SHINE SA since 2010 has contributed greatly to the quality of our teaching and learning, and the good health and wellbeing outcomes for our young people. Our students are now better informed, and demonstrate safer and more respectful and inclusive social skills. We are grateful of the diligence and professionalism of SHINE SA workers.”  (May 2017)

The Focus Schools Program is available to all Department for Education schools that have a secondary years’ component and builds on the success of the share Project (2003-2005).

The program aims to improve the sexual health, safety and wellbeing of young South Australians by supporting schools to develop a whole school approach to relationships and sexual health education and to have a positive impact on issues such as teenage pregnancy, STIs, homophobic harassment & sexual coercion/assault.

Principal and Governing Council endorsement must occur for a school to become part of the program.

Schools must commit to a comprehensive curriculum delivery; support teachers and counsellors to attend professional development; and participate in evaluation.

SHINE SA provides curriculum and teaching resources; professional development at a reduced cost, including annual updates; and ongoing personnel support.

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Once a school has made a commitment to deliver a comprehensive relationships and sexual health curriculum, SHINE SA can assist in the planning and implementation of a parent information evening.

This includes development of a program highlighting what the school is doing; SHINE SA Coordinators co-facilitating the evening with teachers; inviting parents/carers to participate in learning activities and view associated resources; package of resources including PowerPoint, and suggested take home resources for use in the future.

Our aim is to provide support in the first instance to build confidence and capacity for staff to facilitate future evenings on their own.

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