Relationships & Sexual Health Education for Primary Years

Relationships and sexuality is a key focus area within the Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education.

SHINE SA can support primary schools with professional development, curriculum, resources, advice and advocacy to deliver a comprehensive, age and developmentally appropriate relationships and sexual health education program.

SHINE SA has developed a comprehensive Years 5 to 7 curriculum – Teach it like it is: Primary.

This curriculum provides educators with 45 lessons of developmentally appropriate learning activities that ensure students are provided with explicit opportunities to practise, create, apply and evaluate the knowledge, understanding and skills associated with contemporary sexual health needs and issues.

Topics include communication, relationships, puberty, reproductive system, gender stereotypes & power, stereotypes, harassment, diversity, safe behaviours, decision making, and seeking help.

All learning activities are mapped to the Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education and Department for Education Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum. This curriculum is only available with attendance at a Teaching it like it is: Primary course.

Teaching it like it is: Primary course

This course explores what makes an effective program for students, current thinking about best practice in relationships and sexual health education, and classroom strategies for teachers of students in Years 5-7.

The 2-day interactive workshop introduces participants to a range of sexual health topics, including up-to-date information and statistics, teaching methodologies, resources and networks. Participants engage with the learning activities, develop facilitation skills and strategies for discussing sensitive issues and inclusive practices to involve parents and caregivers.

All attendees receive Teach it like it is: Primary and Teach it like it is 2 curriculum manuals.

“A most informative, practical course – so many clear ideas to extend our program and great activities for engaging learning – feel a lot more confident about what I am doing – thank you.” Primary course participant, 2014

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Dedicated support for individual schools and/or Department for Education partnerships is available providing all components listed above at a cost effective rate.

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Once a school has made a commitment to deliver a comprehensive relationships and sexual health curriculum, SHINE SA can assist in the planning and implementation of a parent information evening.

This includes development of a program highlighting what the school is doing; SHINE SA Coordinators co-facilitating the evening with teachers; inviting parents/carers to participate in learning activities and view associated resources; package of resources including PowerPoint, and suggested take home resources for use in the future.

Our aim is to provide support in the first instance to build confidence and capacity for staff to facilitate future evenings on their own.

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