Marriage Equality Counselling Service

Is the marriage equality ‘debate’ making you feel hopeless, afraid, lonely, angry or upset?

Are you struggling with relationships, discrimination or bullying?

Not sure who to talk to or where to get help?






The Marriage Equality Counselling Service is now available to assist LGBTIQ South Australians of all ages while the Federal Government is conducting the postal survey about changes to the Marriage Act to include those in same sex relationships.

LGBTIQ people already face increased risk of depression, anxiety, self-harming and suicidal thoughts, while also being more likely to suffer physical, verbal and emotional abuse. There is widespread concern among community organisations, clinicians and LGBTIQ groups that these issues will be exacerbated by the debate associated with the postal survey.

The South Australian Government has provided a one-off grant to SHINE SA to deliver extra services for the LGBTQ community, including:

  • Telephone counselling
  • Online counselling
  • Referral
  • Information

This is a confidential service, provided free of charge to South Australian residents of all ages by a team of qualified and experienced LGBTIQ telephone counsellors. The service can be accessed in regional and rural areas as well as metropolitan Adelaide.

Skype IM:


Free Call: 1800 290 575

12-8 pm Monday to Friday

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