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Have you ever had a question about sex or relationships but were too embarrassed to verbalise it?
You know, those questions about certain discharges, weird things that happen in the middle of a sexual encounter, that kind of thing.

Luckily, our new Ask Dr Amy segment is here to enlighten us on the questions we are a bit reluctant to put out there.

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Ask Dr Amy News

We’re publishing the nitty-gritty answers to the most detailed questions you have for Dr Amy:


Sex During COVID-19

To start things off we are approaching the most obvious – if we want a good sexual experience during COVID how do we go about it?


Having Sex for the First Time

What is sex, when will I know if I’m ready and what should I expect? Ask Dr Amy goes into the detail in our latest blog.


Let’s Talk Sexpectations

The ‘sexpectations’ we have around orgasms are endless. Ask Dr Amy breaks down some of the expectations and pressures we have around sexual satisfaction.


Sexual Dysfunction Is Common, So What Can We Do About It?

Difficulties and worries about sex have been a common theme in questions to Ask Dr Amy. Today, we are going to talk about those concerns and where to go to for help if you need it.


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